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New Map Idea: "3D"-Map

i have the total crazy idea about an 3D-map ^^.

To start this simple it could just have 2 floors which are switchable by some up and down arrow buttons...

The possibility of different solutions could rise up to the sky... Angel

How crazy whould be a map with 5 or more floors Big Grin
3D Pathery... That would be so mind blowingly hard. - Maybe if it was something like on the outside of a cube.- But I think 3d would just be impossible...

Anyways- my focus is on availability and ease to play -. - I'll revisit new mechanics in the future.
The game is good kept simple. - And competitive.

But someday Smile.
- Snap
Quote:The possibility of different solutions could rise up to the sky...

Some Pathery map possibilities are already a trillion trillion trillion possibilities (over 10^36) Big Grin

Mirror image is exactly this three dimensional map, isn't it? You just cant go up and down continuously because the "in"s can only be used once per path. Also, the pre-set barriers are the same on both maps for Mirror Image even though they don't necessarily have to be for a 3-D map and I guess the teleports and checkpoints wouldn't have to be either.

More than one floor would just have to have the in between floors linking "in"s and "out"s to the map directly above and directly below it. You would just need a better way to differentiate the many up-one-level "in"s/"out"s and down-one-level "in"s/"out"s.

Overall, I think Mirror image is already a bit /too/ crazy, but the idea of a 2 or 3 level map with A, B, and C checkpoints with minimal teleports wouldn't be that crazy.

Just to add to my awesome post, here is another spin off idea that is much more simple:
-3 levels
-start on the first level which has start, end, and one "in" that links to second level.
-a second level that has a finish, "out" from level one, and an "in" to level 3.
-and a third level that has an "out from level 2 and a finish.
-you get 10 blocks per level to create the longest path possible to the finish or to the next "in" (probably the better solution)
The Teleports in that case would need to work not as 'traps', and instead as actually connecting the 2 positions..
- This could be done visually like the Mirror Image map. - and the mechanics wouldn't be too hard.
Perhaps someday we'll see something like this.
- Snap

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