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Tutorial change proposal
I'm messing with the tutorial anyway, so I figured- why not see if I can improve it.
Nathan and Anderson (The iOS Devs @ MIT) got to do a lot of hands-on teaching of Pathery.

Here's the first 5 levels for what they did:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

I like how some of the basic concepts are introduced. Thoughts?
We should use the same tutorial on the website, as the apps. - I think the amount of levels isn't an issue as- if you understand the solution it's very quick to place the wall and move on.
- It'le just make new users feel smart if they move quickly through the first few levels. - Which is a huge change from how people normally feel when playing Pathery... lol
- Snap
I like the tutorial exactly how it is. I think we should introduce other simple concepts via the challenges - the entire first tier can be easy challenges meant to introduce different concepts. Thoughts?
Here's what the current tutorial flow looks like:
[Image: tut.png]

Edit~ These stats are for Feb 6th to March 6th. And are for the last 4 tutorial maps and then 'Pressing Go' anywhere. - As completing the first tutorial is 37% because - the tutorial is the initial page. - So this is of the players that have already pressed go on the first map, and gone to the 2nd. is 309.

We lose about 1/3 of our audience through it. Which could be better...
- Snap
Nearly all the people I've introduced to Pathery are completely lost during the tutorial -- it seems to go way too fast for anyone who hasn't played many tower defenses before. I usually have to help them through by explaining the game to them.

I don't think putting really basic material in challenges is a good idea. Unguided users will probably not go there first, especially if they have just been confused by the tutorial. A simple challenge section is good but the tutorial just needs to be made easier. (On the iOS app there are about 40 or so levels of gradually increasing difficulty, which we've found to work pretty well for getting people to understand how to play.)
Indeed, the tutorial should work for those that have never played a tower-defense game.

But, I somehow want to inform them that the game is not just another puzzle game, but an online competition. (Not that this is a new issue - but it's more of an issue if the tutorial takes longer)
Perhaps this could be simply solved with showing some sort of 'top players' statistic subtly in the top left.

~ Another solution could be to show a sort of progress bar; - with Tutorial, and then a split to <Compete> and <Puzzles>
- Snap
i think for absolute beginners there needs to be a more intuitive way of understanding the goal/intention of the game.
the basic idea of this would be the graphical representation. think about those "snake" games for example, not that you can do that many different things there, but every child knows "make that snake eat that apple"...
people who have some TD experience understand pathery pretty fast, even though some may need the tutorial.
most other people probably need to get the idea of "why would i want to make that path longer" first. i´d say the best way for that would be having the path represented by something which makes everyone instantly understand "that wants to be longer", "that wants to walk more" or whatever.
at least for the first map of the tutorial.
unfortunately, i don't have any useful idea of what that could be...
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...
I think starting really simple helps most -- there could be non-mandatory tutorials with each simple concept illustrated -- and even puzzles with a decent but not optimal solution that you need to improve

So concepts that could be potentially covered:

Start to Finish basics
Placing Blocks
Grouping checkpoints: Start + B, A + C, etc.
Putting teleporters in the path of a block to gain moves
Connecting Features
Diagonal Lines for efficiency
Optimizing the path that gets traveled over the most
Optimizing Block Usage by not wasting blocks
Optimizing loop-back run time by placing blocks diagonally to extend against the direction of travel
Reverse running path starter
Blocks passable only by reverse running and vice versa paths

I'm sure I missed some, too.

The basic mandatory tutorial should be short and to the point, and put people into simple challenges that they can max out and feel good about. We should not dump people into complex or 32 or other problems like that unless they want to -- there should be a lot of easy content that they can graduate from. Heck, the simple puzzles are sometimes too hard!

After that, there could be some more advanced or specific tutorials tied to specific puzzles~
Yeah, I think it's pretty clear that we should change to a much slower transition.
And the best concept to apply to this, is challenges. - Which isn't ready.

~ So I hacked the tutorial back to working again for this patch.

The new tutorial will be developed with the challenges framework.
- Snap
I think there should also be more emphasis on achievements.

When I started pathery, I didn't even know there was achievements until those popups kept appearing ^.^
(03-15-2013, 09:25 AM)▼uɐʎʁ▲ Wrote: I think there should also be more emphasis on achievements.

When I started pathery, I didn't even know there was achievements until those popups kept appearing ^.^

Isn't there an achievement when you finish the tutorial?

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