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Lets add some destruction :D
well this is a very experimental thought...
but what about making walls "less stable"?
i mean, on insane speed that path is a very powerful force... so it could theoretically damage walls by passing by, so that on the 2nd or 3rd pass near the same wall it may collapse...
of course this could probably only happen on maps with many TPs/WPs.

dunno why, but i like adding more dimensions to pathery. like this, or timed walls, or self modifying maps.
that´d probably raise the complexity from NP-hard to NP-"seriously WTF", but that´s the fun in it ^^
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...
Could be cool. But I'm focusing on the first-user experience, availability, and ways to compete.
We'll consider new mechanics at a later date.
- Snap

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