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How Champion Points are Calculated
The general idea can be found here (I'll outline the exact algorithm below). The estimated number of points players will have on the main site can be found here (though note that that data is several weeks old).

Thoughts on this? Jimp said the following today in chat:

Quote:[11:10:50] Jimp[☢]: Is there a penalty for playing a map and not getting top score? I dont get how dewax has more points than me. I feel like I get most of the hard maps. I have more ties and way more wins, ect...
[11:16:23] Jimp[☢]: Maybe I just feel like wins should be worth a lot more than they are... rather than a simple win is 1extra point and even my thirty-too win from yesterday is only 8 more points... thats only like 5% bonus for a map that 4/13 people got.

If others feel the points are currently unfair, we can increase the points for tying on the simpler maps, or increase the points given for attempting a map, or for winning a map. Here is a breakdown of where points are coming from for several users:

[Image: 1yu1Bw8.png]

The exact algorithm:
  • The equation for all maps except the weekly maps is MAX * numPeopleWhoseScoreYouBeat / (numPeopleWhoPlayedTotal-1), where MAX is a constant which differs for different map-types. This only applies if you tie the high score.
    • Simple: MAX = 100
    • Normal: MAX = 150
    • Complex: MAX = 200
    • Special: MAX = 200
    • Note that numPeopleWhoseScoreYouBeat goes by actual score, without considering date. So, this is not your position on the scoreboard; if 11 people attempted the map and 10 people tied, numPeopleWhoseScoreYouBeat = 1 for everyone who tied
    • You can never earn less than 10 points for tying a map.
    • If you don't tie the high score, you get 5 points anyways just for attempting it.
  • The weekly maps use a slightly different equation: MAX * numPeopleWhoseScoreYouBeat / (numPeopleWhoPlayedTotal-1) + BONUS. Here, MAX = 350 and BONUS = 50.
    • This equation applies to EVERYONE who attempts the map. Thus, the points earned scale down from around 400 (If you alone have the high score, slightly less if others tied) down to 50 for the lowest score.
  • The first person to find the high-score for any map is given a 5% bonus.
Isn't there also a win bonus? Could you possibly post that algorithm as well?
- Jimp
Scaling on MAX should be less steep between Normal and Complex/Special, I think. Normals can be exceptionally hard (see: the past week)
Just double-checked the equations, I was slightly off. Corrected that, and added the missing bit about the winner's bonus points.

@vzl In theory, that shouldn't be a problem, since the fewer (percentage of) people who tie the high score, the more points you get for tying it. But then, that same argument could be used to argue that all the maps should have the same MAX value..

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