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Map Suggestions
You guys have been saving up map ideas i'm sure.

I'm aware of a lot of them, but let's post them here again for me. Because It's been forever.
These map ideas are also for the versus mode i'm working on, to give users a decent list to choose from.

Have an idea? Use the editor to put something together:

Paste the map code here when you're done. And explain the map. - Explain what area's checkpoints can go, teleports etc.
I can accomplish a bit with the server-code to follow reasonable rules of where things can go.

Also check out some of these for some ideas: (By Wu and HRoll)

Confirmed Maps to be Added to Versus Mode("Matches"):
Bombs Away
- Snap

You could add all, just make the less nice ones has less chance to occurBig Grin
how about this:
Big Grin
it´d pretty sure kill solvers... ^^
(Mirror Image was good at that too)

how about we get more WPs and TPS? that would open up some nice map designs...
(also grouping is definately a human strength)
(as is "choosing the right amount of walls on a 999walls map")

EDIT: oops, just found out it does bad things if you try to create a 0x0 sized map...

EDIT_2: crap, i think i killed the server (again). SNAAAAAAAP! do stuff!
(and add some checks in the mapeditor maybe)
(also sorry for killing the server... >_> )
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...

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