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[split] Mapeditor Bugs
[Split from Map Suggestions]

[In response to the server crashing:]
Sorry for the delay.. You'know, sleeping and stuff.
I think I normalized the data so it can't happen again. ^_^.
- Snap
are you sure about that?
(um... sry if i might have crashed it again... was just verifying if its really fixed...)
dammit how comes everytime the server crashes its my fault. can't just sometimes someone else screw things up...?
didn't we have that same problem some years ago when exactly the same thing happened?
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...
what did you do to break it? I'm confused.
You're using the mapeditor here: right?
not blue's i hope?

- Edit; It was the Lower-Bound on the rock-chance; I bet.. Fixed.
- Snap
created a map 0x0...
not sure anymore, but it might have been yellow mapeditor...
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...
ok this time it definately was the beta mapeditor.
(obviously, since yellow is disabled)
interesting though, the beta mapeditor atm still loads. but nothing else on all 3 sites...
key to that bug might be not only the map size, but trying to get more WPs/TPs than there are tiles for them.

EDIT: how about we agree on a schedule for "you fix it and i break it again" to reduce the down times...?
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...
Snap: if you're interested, we (you? I?) can adapt the map_maker code that generates maps on Wu's playground to do client-side map creation on the mapeditor page. Then you can avoid all these problems.
That might be nice, - but; I know what's wrong - I just wasn't able to get to it yesterday. I think i'll have it done today - and it needs to be done anyway.
- Snap
the current beta complex is kinda pretty weird...
it has a TP2_OUT on 0,1, shouldn't a START be there instead?
(especially since no TP2_IN is there)
also i get no response from beta server when i hit go...
(would be kinda nice to see the path calculated as usual)

EDIT: oh now it did. just took some minutes to do so...
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...

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