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New Server.
These forums are now on the new server.
Emails might be broken right now... - I'm working on it! (I've turned admin user-activation on for the time being)

Couple tiny bugs to track down. - And then I'll be ready to move;

The plan is 4 PM tomorrow. - let's see if I can make that goal!
- Snap
Here's a little initial information about the new server's effects:

This is Average Response-time from when Go is pressed- viewed by hour.

This is viewing Go's by Response-times; categorized by 0-100 100-200 etc.

With a VPS we'll be able to profile what takes the most time, and do some more improvements to responsiveness in the future. - Especially as more data comes in.

Thank you all for telling your friends about Pathery! - With your continued feedback we can make Pathery more awesome!
- Snap

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