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Tied/Won puzzles at a glance
I would like to be able to tell at a glance which puzzles I've beat for the day. For example, if I've only tied best score on Simple and Normal, I'd see:
[Image: 2014.02.13.PatherySuggest1.png]
Cool idea! Here's some details I thought of off the top of my head:
- Gold medal for win
- Silver medal for tie
- Exclamation point (phoenix wright style) for when your tie/win has been beaten

good one, signed Smile
(wanted to do that for my UI as well, but too lazy yet)
its especially useful for the time races at map change ^^
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...
I'd do this real quick if it was simple; unfortunately the way I'm gathering that data is kind of separated from that.

But I still think it's a very good idea; and will implement it.
And it shouldn't take years to do... Oh wait >_>....

(Seriously I will implement this soonish)
- Snap
I'm assuming that the difficulty comes from the puzzle select and puzzle itself being in different containers. Perhaps it is possible for the puzzle container to have javascript that can alter the puzzle selection anchor tag's attributes, such as:

<a href="#" silver="silver">Simple</a>
<a href="#" silver="silver">Normal</a>
<a href="#">Complex</a>
<a href="#">Rocky Maze</a>
<a href="#">Ultra Complex</a>

With the css:
a[silver] { //Show image of a silver icon }

<a href="#" score="silver">Simple</a>
a[score="silver"] { //shiny }

Another direction is having Javascript that can edit the CSS, and the anchors are uniquely ID (if that is possible, I don't really know JS very well).

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