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Mirror Image
is cool.

I think unlimited blocks is a really good idea for this map -- otherwise there are just too many optimization tradeoffs to deal with and I wouldn't particularly want to tackle it.
I do like the fact that not everyone has the same score. Which i think is appropiate for a weekly map.
But I might be partial because im doing so well at it. Hehe.
- Snap
I don't like that it has unlimited walls, it takes away from the appeal of the unlimited map type.

I do think it should still have lots of towers though, maybe like 60 or 65.
i don't like the unlimited walls either, it causes "certain problems", which make the easy (and inefficient) way of solving impossible...
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...
Says the 2 players I want to nerf.... Tongue
Anyone else have an opinion about this map?
- Snap
I guess it could be more interesting with different path priorities. Big Grin

Any plans to make similar mirror image maps in the "special" category rather than the ultra complex for the main site?
Perhaps; the Seeing Double is kinda like that.
- Snap
I am not nearly as big of a fan of the mirror image map as I am the ultra complex maps. I havent even attempted to modify my score in fear that I will just get angry and punch my computer ha
Yeah. - Agreed, not the funnest to play. IMO.
-However, the scoreboard is what I wanted to achieve, no one tied, and no belief that the top-score is "max".
- Snap
i like it Big Grin
(well at least since i found a way for unlimited walls)
took me ages to understand this maps basics though.
i´m pretty sure the score is max now, try to prove me wrong ^^
as i like ultra complex a lot too, this seems to be more complex to play, UC is just an up scaled complex...
but why not have both?
or combine them, a "mirror ultra complex"... Big Grin
SNAAAAAAP, do stuff! I broke it again...

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