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What all needs to be done before I advertise these fourms @
- Snap
I think another main concern should be *spoilers* and/or just straight up cheating. Is there a spoiler tag on here?

Spoiler :
*spoiler link to solution or hint here*
Spoiler :
There is now!
I kinda had the same debate about this as I did on the chat.
Spoiler tags kinda encourages spoiling... >_> I didn't think it'd be as much of a deal here, as it's far easier to control content on a forum than a chat.

Anyways, added.
- Snap
Hmmm I guess it might encourage it a bit. But if its going to happen, might as well have a plan for it.

Its like parenting teens on sex. Its going to happen, so might as well give them a condom so they are protected...
Global login, I hate the idea of having two logins.
Yeah, well we don't need to share the database, but if we just use Open-ID logins, they just have to authorize this site too;
Then we could link accounts in the future at least.

- I'll look into it.
- Snap
I just stay logged in and rarely ever use any computer other than my own. however, global login will definitely make life easier for some people.
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